Natural Language Processing

Put ML/DL to work for your business and create new insights and opportunities.


          Natural Language Processing involves speech recognition, natural language understanding, and natural language generation. Machine learning/Deep learning can provide valuble help in solving these challenging problems. Developing a Language and Accoustic Model, Training a Model and Deploying the model to production environnment and fine tune algorithms to resolve Tasks such as, Generate a formal grammar that describes a language's syntax. Lemmatization, Morphological segmentation, Part-of-speech tagging, Parsing, Word segmentation, Terminology extraction, Lexical semantics, Named entity recognition (NER), Natural language generation, Natural language understanding, Question answering, Recognizing Textual entailment, Relationship extraction


Minimum 50% Improvement in Operational Efficiency & Target Achievement

Increased ROI for by leveraging our experties

40%+ Cost Reduction in Modeling, Development and Fine Tuning