Accelerate with prebuilt software & Experienced Consultants

Professional Consultants

Our consultants have gained solid industrial experience by working along side our clients. The domain knowledge they acquired enables us to quickly onramp and deliver the results you need. Whether the job requires machine learning, data science, full-stack development, cloud architecture, or  Salesforce/SAP systems integration, you can count on us to bring quality and performance.


AI-OBJECTS is one of our flagship product and it provides pretrained and fine tuned models for various domain functionalities such as Computer Vision, NLP, NLU and Workflow automation. It comes with labeled data sets and customizable models where enterprises can leverage to their advantage by training on their custom data which enables fast development and max ROI.


IOT - INSIGHTER provides acceleration to your organization by enabling to deploy solution faster with confidence. It is flexible enough to meet the various needs of the industry. It provides industry framework compliance with respect to security, scalability and protocol standards. In addition our professional consultants can extend the foundation architecture to meet your needs.

What Do we Solve?

Artificial Intelligence

Machine Learning/Deep Learning Applications

Our team of Machine Learning consultants along with our prebuilt product can take up the task of building from the ground up or just fine-tune the model or enhance it, Whether it is hyper parameter tuning, data preparation, labeling, data augmentation or develop end to end system we can help. In the areas of computer vision we specialize in providing image classification, annotations, predictions and analytics.
IOT Development

IOT Consulting & Development

Deliver scalable enterprise IoT solutions with advanced machine learning capabilities and provide high security to the devices and data. Design solutions fit domain specific such as Logistics, healthcare, and manufacturing.
Enterprise software solutions

Data Science & Business Intelligence

We are system integrators. Whether it is SAP/4HANA , Microsoft Dynamics, Salesforce Pardot, QuickBooks, Stripe, Square, and ServiceNow, We have the talent and who are ready to take on the next business challenge and integrate.
Block Chain

Web 3.0

Design and develop blockchain applications to make business processes more efficient and transparent in fields such as healthcare, supply chain, logistics, legal and more.
Custom development

Custom Development

Whether you need a simple website or full scale application such as web app, desktop app, mobile app. We can do and in fact our full-stack developer onsite or offsite, can take up the project and walk you through the process and implement it. We have experienced professionals with right skills and domain knowledge and industry certifications.

Why Us?

Whether it is a bug fix or full-scale development that needs to be done as a temporary assignment or full-time assignment, we know how to prioritize and deliver the results.

We differentiate ourselves from the crowd with these aspects:

Value Proposition

Our core principle is to provide real value to our customers and make sure we provide proper care and due diligence.

Cost Effective

With proper planning and experience, we blend the right resource with the given task using global sourcing and innovative management.

Global Resources

A highly skilled resource is 8 times more effective than a regular one, so engaging the right resource is key for success regardless of local or global.


Quality is not a cookie-cutter method. We build systems for the future with scalability, reliability, and security in mind.


Competition is about how deep we understand your business and how well we can provide a solution with respect to quality, time, and cost.


As we all know time is everything! It is dependent on clear communication. We use communication tools such as UI/UX, GitHub, Bugzilla, and Selenium.

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Awards & Certifications

Even though our actions speak louder than our words about our skills and professionalism. However, we want to share our recognition with our customers and partners


What Our Clients Are Saying

We in Audiosinc provide world class speech recognition and transcription service enabled with AI technologies for students and faculties.
Deemsoft helped us to develop advanced speech recognition technology using DeepLearning and NLP. They helped in collecting and organizing domain specific corpus and training the model to perform better than IBM and Google.
When Deemsoft undertook my cutting edge technology project I was nervous since I handed over some of our core business tasks. I was concerned about the timeline, quality and capability. Infact they have surpassed my expectations and demonstrated professionalism while keeping their promise.
CEO Audiosinc

Our Partners

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