A Collection of Pre Trained Models

It provides pre trained models so that you can customize further with your data.


AI-OBJECTS is one of our flagship product and it provides pretrained and fine tuned models for various domain functionalities such as Computer Vision, NLP, NLU and Workflow automation. It comes with labeled data sets and customizable models where enterprises can leverage to their advantage by training on their custom data which enables fast development and maximize ROI.


Data Sets

Large data set collected from various sources including NIH, Kagle, community data marts and Custom simulated data

Pre Trained

Models are pre trained with specific data for specific to the use case such as one for the STEM, Radiology, Biopsy etc.


Even though models are trained for the specific use cases but they can be trained further to fine tune the outcome.


Models can be customized to the needs of the business requirement and changing the hyper parameters or adding layers


Once the model is trained and visualize the output is quite challenging. It needs lot of high end coding depends on the use the case


Machine Learning is a complex dev-ops process and it needs help to put it together. we have the skilled resources to help you

Case Studies

AI in Healthcare

The world around us is changing rapidly, and with our aging populations, and public health crises, enormous pressures are on provider workloads impacting patient safety risks and patient experiences. Becoming more efficient, healthcare providers must deliver higher quality care, improve patient, reduce costs, become more efficient, and apply the latest developments in drug therapy. Healthcare environments have enormous datasets to be leveraged, and its time to put this data to work where AI and machine learning methods that are intelligently integrated into workflows will improve healthcare delivery of all stakeholders.


Radiology Use cases

This use case is to determine the severity of various deceases such pneumonia, cystogram, fluoroscopy,, etc. It uses the pre trained deep learning models and intuitive ui for the doctors which enables the doctors/radiologists to detect the finer details of the X-Ray images with high accuracy,


Biopsy Image Annotations

This use case is about using Deep learning models on high resolution MRI/Biopsy images. Detecting various glands and cell types and classify them based on their patterns. Calculate the area and concentration per micro meter level measurements. which correlates various cancer types and severity of the cancer.

This can be used for breast, lung, prostate , thyroid and throat cancers and many more. There is quite lot academic research has been done and NIH provides both guidance and data sel. Hospitals and Pharma have large data set as well.

There are open source efforts to model this pattern. where as AI-OBJECTS done the models and pre trained. It can be further trained and customized to fit the need.

UI/UX allows you to zoom and panning, creation of new annotations, comparisons, deletions and updates. Ability to track the progress of the patterns and measure accurate concentrations using map view.

Computer Vision

Deep fracture analysis

This use case is for orthopedic doctors. Deep learning models are used on the 3D X-Ray images and measure the micro fractures and perform deep analysis find out the nerve pains caused by small deformity,

Computer Vision

Deep Skin Analysis

This use case is for Dermatology department . Deep learning models are used on images taken by the user. User interface provides the ability focus and get high quality pictures. Once high quality pictures are taken is been sent to the AI inference engine for analytics. The analytics report contains the various data point including the scoring, vitamin deficiencies. Statistical comparison to the normalcy will help doctors to treat the symptoms. Skin care product companies can leverage this capability to provide precision product to the consumer.

Computer Vision

Deep Blood Loss Analysis

This use case is for Surgeons . Deep learning models are used on the images taken at the blood wet towels at the surgical table. System automatically weighs the towels and performs inferences the images and measure the accurate blood loss.

AI in Education

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has the potential to address some of the biggest challenges in education today, innovate teaching and learning practices, and accelerate progress towards better human being. 1. Task Automation 2. Personalized learning 3. Smart content creation 4. Universal access 5. Teaching the teacher 6. Identify classroom weakness

computer audio

Automatic Speech Recognition

Developed custom model on top of the DeepSpeech models and improved accuracy and decreased the word error rate to 12%. It is developed to improve accuracy on STEM related subjects such as Biology. It better performed compared to Google and IBM Watson on our Biology test data set

computer audio

Chatbot for your Services

Developed custom NLP and NLU based models on top of BERT algorithm.

AI in Retail Business

Today’s dynamic retail industry is built on a new covenant of data-driven retail experiences and heightened consumer expectations. But delivering a personalized shopping experience at scale — that is relevant and valuable — is no easy feat for retailers. As digital and physical purchasing channels blend together, the retailers that are able to innovate their retail channels will set themselves apart as market leaders.


Data Analytics & Predictions

Custom developed and fine tuned models for the fraud detection, email classification, ticket classification, review classification and predictions

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Customer Feedback

Lets look at few customer feedback and how they are using our product and how much is helping them in solving their their problems.

“AI can do lot but what we needed I think AI-Objects delivered it and always we can improve on it. That is the beauty of AI”

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Sara Baker
“I was wondering does really AI works are there any practical applications, after using AI-Objects , it quite clear it has its benefits.”

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Philip Dunes
“Working biopsy images all day long and annotate every little thing is time consuming and AI-Onjects simplified it”

Lauren Thomas
“I wanted to create ATEM related speech recognition model since I need to realtime transcription service. After evaluating several AI-Objects is pretty .close to our need”

Kimberly Jones
“Radiology and specifically hair line fractions are harder to determine and porpoises. AI-Objects is pretty good and can speed the findings and huge time saver”

David Cramer
“We used AI-Objects for our email classification to provide responsive customer support and it is working pretty good and it allows continuous training ”

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Greg Wales

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