Cloud & Cyber Security

Deemsoft is proud to state that we can produce premium quality Cloud management and Cyber security solutions. We have the resource and skill to take on next big challenge.

Encole Inc.,
At Encole, we provide sophisticated engineering and an industrial products listing platform where consumers can search and filter by exact specifications.
Deemsoft has been engaged in building such a platform, which provides bridging between our internal cloud and the vendors. It also provides data security, safety, and scalability.
Deemsoft was instrumental in designing and architecting cloud platforms, providing continuous security monitoring, and implementing improvements. In all these tasks Deemsoft is exceptional in producing reliable solutions and constant communication.
Alex, CEO Encole

Cloud Instance: GCP 

CPU: Intel I7 Quadcore 

Platform: Ubuntu 20.0

Technology: Node, Mongo, React, TCPDUMP, NMAP


For additional details or any other use case feel free to contact us

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