IOT for Healthcare

Problem: In healthcare, there is a tremendous use of IoT to improve and solve health problems.  One such problem is our vitals and we ignore them.

Objective: Increase healthy life by collecting vital data continuously and provide analytics.

Solution: We collected around 5000 hours of vital data on various age group individuals.  Applied AI-based analytics to determine and recommend adjustment health habits and diet and refer to specialty doctors. 

Benefit: 19% improvement in the health of the people who adopted the suggestions.


Cloud Instance: AWS EC2

Hardware: Fitbit 

Platform: Opneremote

OS: IOS & Android

Technology: Linear regression and Logistic regression

IOT for Smart home


  • Regular IOT interface for smart home app was intuitive enough to use
  • Incompatible with latest devices.

Objective: Intuitive user interface and efficient. 


Using freeRTOS and standard IOT devices implemented solution with Intuitive 3D view with rotate and zoom-in control.


  • It helps user to navigate and control as they do in real life.
  • 20% increase in savings by upgrade and up-sale.


Cloud Instance: AWS EC2

Hardware: Audrino with freeRTOS 

Platform: Openremote

OS: Linux 


IOT for Industrial Power Controller


  • Unable to turn off in emergency situations.
  • Inefficient to manually turn on and off.

Objective: Increase efficiency in power management and improve safety.


 Using Raspberry Pi4 is used as primary controller and google firebase triggers the on and off switch.


  • It helps staff to control power efficiently
  • 40% increase in savings by reducing errors and human cost.


Cloud Instance: AWS EC2

Raspberry PI4

Platform: Ubuntu

Technology: Open DP


For additional details or any other use case feel free to contact us

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