Deemsoft is proud to state that we can produce premium quality RPA projects and below case study provides one example.

Problem: Processing of manul medical records and processing Insurance claims.

Objective: Decrease the manual process and increase the accuracy.

Solution: Setup auto-copy systems where medical records are placed and scanned automatically and uploaded to the cloud server. AI-based OCR reader will read the records and interpret the results and inputs into the Relational database. The AI-based engine also classifies the records into proper groups and auto-corrects error and where the record can not be transcribed then post it to the human group. If all the data are available then it submits to the insurance claims.

Benefits: 29% savings on reducing manual process and 50% improvement on accuracy, speed and efficiency.


Cloud Instance: Azure 

CPU: Intel i7 QuadCore 

Platform: UI-Path

Technology: Nodejs, JQuery, Mongo


For additional details or any other use case feel free to contact us support@deemsoft.com

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